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We are different. We have 17 years of experience. We understand paperwork, We understand systems, we understand technology but what we really understand is that your company is your dream! This is about a relationship not a service. We don’t want to just fix things we want to grow with you and your company. We love to build businesses and we know that good financial decisions are a foundation to any successful company.

Chris May

Chris is a partner for Back Office System Solutions and has worked in providing Bookkeeping Processes and Back Office Systems for 15 years. As President and manager of Ideal Business Solutions, she worked closely with clients to provide accurate accounting and tax support. She works with the IRS on her clients’ behalf, dealing with many of the tax issues regarding payroll, business and even personal tax filings. In addition to this, Chris provides bookkeeping and QuickBooks management services for her clients, providing them with the accurate records needed to make important business decisions. Chris has over 20 years tax and accounting experience and has worked over 15 years with QuickBooks software. She attended North Central College and Illinois State University. She is a Chicagoland area local and has lived here her whole life (but won’t say exactly how long!) and enjoys spending time with her 3 children and 5 grandchildren that also reside in the area.

Deborah Diekevers

Deborah has spent the last 17 years developing the new concept of Outsourced Bookkeeping. She has utilized and developed procedures using the latest in technology to help service her client base. She also has been a QuickBooks ProAdvisor for 15 years. She currently has expertise in QuickBooks 2016. Deborah has helped hundreds of businesses develop systems and procedures to increase productivity and Cash flow in small to medium size business. Her unique analysis of business processes gives her clients the understanding of what is working in their organization and what needs to be addressed. Deborah has previously worked as a senior property accountant and network administrator in Downtown Chicago. As partner and senior staff accountant, she has worked first-hand solving the problems of small business’s financial needs. Deborah holds a BA in Accounting and Business Systems from DePaul University. Deborah's one note to fame is being Belinda for the day in the Bozo Show when she was five.

Rebecca Schoenberg

Throughout her education and career, she has had the ability to quickly grasp numbers. She realized from an early age that numbers always told a story to business owners, bankers and accountants. Since 2003, She has enjoyed providing professional bookkeeping and accounting services for employers and clients. Her goal to help business owners manage their finances and prepare their records for their tax preparer.

Tammy Welter

Tammy has been with Deborah and Chris for over 10 years. Tammy is a self-taught bookkeeper and works to support her clients by keeping an up-to-date and accurate financial picture of their business. This is done through transaction recording, bill pay, bank account management and monitoring, payroll processing and tax filing and other bookkeeping and accounting functions. Tammy has established great relationships with her clients over time and is known for her great work ethic Tammy is a proud, self-taught bookkeeper that has learned from her extensive experience working in different job roles for many local companies since 1978. Some of the industries she has worked in include office products, accounting, property management and construction. She has experience working with Peachtree and QuickBooks. Tammy is an active member in the General Federation of Women’s Clubs and has performed some pro-Bono accounting and tax work for several local non-profit organizations. She enjoys working for and with her clients and learning about the different businesses they represent.

Tricia Heersink

Tricia has been working in the back office industry for over 4 years. She works closely with clients to provide the support they need for their company. Along with her previous office experience, Tricia’s friendly attitude and willingness to learn makes her a great asset to her clients. In her daily work, she strives to keep the most accurate books for her clients, providing them with the most up-to-date information about their finances that they can then use for making future decisions about their business. She enjoys the variety and newness of the issues that she tends to for her clients and enjoys learning about the uniqueness of each industry they represent.

Tricia has had experience in many different business roles, including project management, computer programming and systems, administration, banking and small business bookkeeping; therefore making her a perfect individual to provide the support many businesses need for their back office.

Tricia has a BA from Calvin College in Michigan. She is also an active member of her church, husband, daughters’ and son’s lives and has a hidden talent – she can play the flute!

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"I have worked with Back Office System Solutions on QuickBooks Consulting and have referred them as a Virtual Bookkeeping source to my clients. Their knowledge of Technology makes me happy and their Bookkeeping services have made my clients happy. Back Office System Solutions is a great source for your Bookkeeping and QuickBooks Consulting needs."

Dan D.

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